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"bringing people and their stories to a greater audience"

active 2004 - 2015


Cultural Transmission is an old term used by journalism professionals long before,
Mass Media, the Social Media Internet Community and Business Conglomerates.

The domain is registered at GoDaddy and offered at GoDaddy's Auctions - The Domain Name Aftermarket.

The WhoIs directory can be utilized at GoDaddy for verification.
All information is current and including ICANN, as required.

Listing the domain at the registrar's auction domain aftermarket, allows a secure payment environment for the buyer and in additon, a team of techs that handle the "push" of the domain into a new owner's name.

There are two extensions [ .net | .com ] being offered seperately for CulturalTransmission.

The domain names are in a foward mode, which is why you only see the .com in the url bar.

So what to do with the name?

Global News, Geneology, Climate, ... connect the past to the present and move into the future while "bringing people and their stories to a greater audience."


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